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Books in the World’s Together series


One’s Place


Her sister got all the breaks. It was her turn, whatever the cost.

A teaser into my science fiction Worlds Together Universe in 2750 words.

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Book 1

Synergy Of Hopes


synergy-of-hopes-finalThey have nothing in common but a will to survive.

Far beyond the edge of charted space in his Grandfather’s crippled ship, Ensign Nivpul Exavent knows he cannot get home without help.

A derelic ship tumbling on the edge of a stellar storm offers a slim chance to learn more about where he is and what nearby resources may be available to start him on his way.

The ship is not so derelic, but how far can he trust the sole occupant he rescues from certain death and how long will it be before their divergent needs forces them to part?

If only the disaster spawned vision that haunts his dreams didn’t suggest otherwise.

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