Want to meet me in person?

Here is a list of conventions I plan to attend in the next year.


Other ways to hear from me?

I got to read a portion of my short story One’s Place for the Broken Recorder Session #1 episode of the [Totally Fantastic Title] podcast. It’s 2nd from the end.

My interview with Esther Rabbit in her 7 Questions For Authors blog series.

Another Youtube playlist, this time I’m reading the complete version of Mission Creep, the short story first presented in bits on my blog years ago.

I created this Youtube playlist of me as I practice my public presentation skills by reading my short story One’s Place.

My interview with the Aurora winning Josh Pantalleresco on his Just Joshing Podcast

Learn more about me as I’m interviewed by Paul Teague on his Self Publishing Journeys Podcast

Synergy of Hopes has been featured on The Book Speaks Podcast

Some time ago AmyBeth Inverness interviewed me for her Blog as a hope to be published one day writer

Lorna Suzuki interviewed me on her All Kinds Of Writing blog about my debut novel Synergy Of Hopes and my writing life.

My short teaser, One’s Place, was presented on The Writership Blog episode of Nov 25, 2015

  1. Interviewed by Lorna Suzuki | Edwin Downward

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