Podcast Mania

I have a moderately long commute to and from my bread and butter job each day. About two years ago I decided to try maximising that and other driving times by exploring to growing world of podcasts. What once was a handful of listens has now become a stable to fill my entire week.

Over this time specific podcasts have come and gone. Some because the stopped making new ones, some because they didn’t speak to me, and some due to technical reasons around my present sound system. That is simply the nature of the beast.

I thought it might be interesting to post a list of my present listens, so in the order they appear in my podcast app here are the shows I presently listen to on a regular basis:

Beyond The Trope

Bleeding Ink

Book Promotion Podcast

Coactive Dreams

Helping Writers Become Authors

I Should Be Writing

Novel Marketing

Reading and Writing Podcast

Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing

Self Publishing Answers

Self Publishing Roundtable

Author Hangout

Book Editor Show

Creative Penn

Creative Writers Toolbelt

Functional Nerds

Joined Up Writing

Portfolio Life

Rocking Self Publishing

Sell More Books Show

Sword and Laser

Worried Writer

This Creative Life


Upgrade Your Story


Write Now

Writing Excuses

Introvert Entrepreneur


In closing I should note that not all these podcasts are released on a regular basis but most do come out at weekly.

  1. Wither the Audiobook | Edwin Downward
  2. More Thoughts On Podcast Mania | Edwin Downward

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