As The Leaves Turn

imageWe lost power at home for a few hours due to gale force winds yesterday. This happens three to four times a year where we live, with an average dark time of four to six hours. Last night torrential rain pounded off the metal roof above our bedroom, though not to the room shaking degree that sometimes snaps us awake.

Fall has arrived with a vengeance.

imageThen, at work, though too dark to take a picture, the drain outside the back had stopped up with leaves causing a lake deep enough to touch the lip of the curb.

Also, I should have gotten off my butt when I had the chance to refresh the water repellant on my jacket.


Some people will read this as belly-aching. It isn’t, I love this time of year. In truth I love all four seasons. Wind, rain, snow, thunder, lightning, even the sun of Summer until it gets too hot to think.

Think of it as being one of the perks of being planet born on a top of the class habitable world. (Did you really think I wouldn’t squeeze in a link to my life as a science fiction writer somewhere?)

I encourage everyone who reads this to look out the window and think about the beauty that is all around us, in all seasons.

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