Stat Holidays In Our Modern Age


Confession: I don’t work Mondays and I do not get an alternate day off in lieu of not working Mondays when a Stat day comes along. Which means that Monday Stat Holidays have little effect on my schedule.

Growing up, I can remember looking forward to the next Stat Holiday and all the fun I could have on my off.

Today, the 2nd annual British Columbia Family Day, I took my daughter down the hill for a few errands.

In the process, our itinery looked like this:

  • Go to a fully staffed craft store.
  • Head over to a fully staffed grocery store where I picked up an item from the fully staffed pharmacy.
  • Watch my daughter take off to do some writing at a nearby fully staffed coffee shop.
  • Head to a fully staffed electronics store.
  • Proceed from there to a fully staffed home improvement store.
  • Stop on the way home at a fully staffed gas station.
  • Oh, and the house builder two blocks down from us started at 8am.

Exactly how many of the staff people we interacted with on this trip were out and about enjoying their special day off?

To put it another way, Why are a siginificant portion the working population out working on a day that’s been set aside for them to have time off with family and friends?

It seems to me that our once looked forward to Stat Holidays have been replaced by a special day in which a privileged portion of the population can expect the remainder to wait on them hand and foot.

Sure, some of these people get another day off in lieu of the stat while others get extra pay for working the stat, but is that even close to receiving the leisure time the term Stat Holiday implies?

I wish I could answer my own questions. I can’t.

Happy BC Family Day.

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