We Share The Road

Last Monday while circling the block searching for the entrance to a parkade, I had a wholy unpleasant encounter with a cyclist. It is not my intention to rehash the details of that exchange, but to explore my reaction. To start, I am willing go so far as to admit that my failure to be completely on top of the 360 degree environment in which I was operating did have a direct influence over what happened.


Intro over, I must say I escaped the moment convinced that a significant portion of the local cycling scene consists of self-righteous, self-important, uncaring, and uncivil individuals who consider the rest of us dirt to be trod on. If I’d given into my gut instinct to blog about it then the level of vitriol coming from my fingers would have all but guaranteed me a comment stream of hate from cyclists everywhere.

Five days later I have had lots of time to process what happened, both at the encounter and in my own heart, and I have reached a conclusion:

I will continue to do my level best to treat those with whom I share the road with all the respect and care they are due. Whether they appear to deserve it or not. Anything less would drag me down to the level I attributed that cyclist when we parted.

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