Keeping Your Eyes Open

I had forty-five minutes to kill between dropping my dear wife off at work and when the doors of my next stop opened. After some exploration, I’d found this little parking lot near Burrard Inlet just east of the Canada Place Convention Centre where I could hang out at times like this.


On this particular morning I looked up from the story I’m editing in time to see the full moon hovering right on top of the hotel tower. I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough to get that initial image so I decided to experiment a bit with what I could get.


How many such moments do we miss because we’re too busy or otherwise occupied to notice? I could say that, as a writer, I have a special duty to keep my eyes open for inspirational purposes, but I won’t. All of us, whatever our artistic bent, need to cultivate the ability to stop and admire such moments. They are a reminder of the grandeur of creation that speaks to the deepest centre of our being if we will just listen.


When was the last time you stopped for such a moment? They’re all around us, everyday.

Now to learn how to be quicker with my camera so I can get a shot of the next apex moment that causes me to stop and listen.

  1. #1 by authorbengarrido on 31/12/2013 - 10:18

    The tiny, winding road to my house, when I walk it, frames the moon almost every night between the trees. I love that view.

    Small stuff, too. One of the neatest ways to get inspired, in my experience, is to just pick a patch of pond or dirt and really look at it for a while. There is life everywhere, it’s just inconspicuous and afraid of big things that move. Stop moving and the ants/copepods/centipedes will put on a show for you.

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