Contemplating Electric Vehicles

A recent newspaper article discussing the Nissan Leaf EV got me thinking once again about the way such vehicles are viewed by driving professionals.


The writer of this article made a point of saying the limited range of the Leaf relegated it to the roll of expensive second car because it couldn’t handle the distances involve in heading out of town.  My reaction: Most drivers spend very little time on such extended trips.  As such, many of them could get along just fine owning a Leaf as their primary  car and renting on those rare occasions when they do need the additional range. I know that’s what I would, and might just, do for my next car.

Then the article ended with the age old whine that EV and their cousin Hybrid cars are still too expensive. A somewhat valid point if you leave it at that.

A quick analysis will show that the available EV cars are actually placed in the mid-range of modern auto prices. Especially when you start adding on the acessories. Take into account potential fuel savings and they begin to look like real deals in the long run.

Then there’s the issue of marketing. The plaques that say EV or Hybrid are a form of statement. A way of saying I’m prepared to put my money where my mouth is.

People willingly spend big dollars to make a statement. From clothes to addresses to the kind of car they’re seen driving, money is often the last thing on their mind (unless it’s for bragging rights). EV manufacturers should look for ways to capitise on this little truth, and we the forward looking public should support them to the best of our ability.

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