Getting Away From It All

One of the reasons we chose to live where we do is it’s location on the northern most point that development is allowed. Beyond that is park and the dedicated hydro preserve around Buntzen Lake.  100m from our door is the road that allows hydro vehicles access to the west side of the lake, and the public a vast array of hiking, biking, and horse trails.


Over the years, I have allowed my schedule to get so cluttered that the option to enjoy this bounty had been stripped from me. This year, I changed all that, and find myself once again free to build the odd walk into my day.

Today, I decided to photo journal the stretch closest to my home, and post a few of those shots here to let my readers have yet another peak into who I am.



People who have followed me on twitter know that I claim to write on the move. While I do take full advantage of busier places to walk, this makes for a perfect environment to get away from all the noise and collect my thoughts. Except in the middle of summer, at most, I will meet the odd person, or person walking their dog. Even in summer, this side of the lake attracts far less people than the main beach and adjoining trails on the east.





The trails include this little diversion across the south arm of the lake. The very middle of this walkway is a short section of floating bridge that brings you right down to the level of the water.






I’ve never seen the water this low before. As a hydro lake that also acts as the overflow from the even larger Coquitlam lake to the east, I can only assume they have lowered the level in preparation for the coming spring runoff.

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