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Books in the World’s Together series

Book 1

Synergy Of Hopes


He lived a sheltered life until the nav-com flashed the message, ‘Location Unknown. Searching for Star Fix…’

Ensign Nivpul Exavent has dreamt since boyhood of becoming the first person to pilot the next generation star ship his grandfather would one day build.

When a surprise call from his grandfather puts Nivpul at the helm, flying solo, he’s in his element, until a spacial anomaly strands him far beyond known space and any hope of support, or rescue.

The discovery of a small ship tumbling on the edge of a stellar storm offers Nivpul a first hope for charting a path home, and shackles him with a survivor he dare not trust yet promises access to resources he cannot turn down.

When her help causes him to stumble upon examples of technology from home, he finds himself thrust into a world his position as a junior officer in a trading fleet never prepared him for, but within which she moved with to much ease.

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Book 2

Into The Crucible


Ensign Nivpul Exavent has succeeded in bringing his grandfather’s ship home after a spacial anomaly stranded him far beyond the edge of charted space.

With the outsider woman who stole his heart on his arm, and a representative of a prince of the realm watching his every move, any semblance of the sheltered life from which he’d been ripped so long ago proved out of reach.

As circumstances spiral out of hand, Niv’s grandfather convinces him to take June off station and to hide at a safe location until they received an all clear. It never comes, replaced by a plea to use what they knew about the uncharted space from which they’d returned to disrupt the outside support backing a powerful Duke with sights on the Imperial throne.

Where his last journey through that region of space required the kind of subterfuge and misdirection June excelled at, this trip would force Niv to face his fear of stepping out of the shadows to make people who didn’t know him or his people listen.

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